Parse parentheses from a string, return folded arrays.

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Parse parentheses from a string, return folded arrays.

npm install parenthesis

var parse = require('parenthesis')

// Parse into nested format
// ['a(', ['b[', ['c{', ['d'], '}'], ']'], ')']

// Parse into flat format with cross-references
parse('a(b[c{d}])', {
    brackets: ['()'],
    escape: '\\',
    flat: true
// ['a(\\1)', 'b[c{d}]']

// Stringify nested format
parse.stringify(['a(', ['b[', ['c{', ['d'], '}'], ']'], ')'])
// 'a(b[c{d}])'

// Stringify flat format with cross-references
parse.stringify(['a(\\1)', 'b[c{d}]'], {flat: true, escape: '\\'})
// 'a(b[c{d}])'


tokens = paren.parse(string, brackets|opts?)

Return array with tokens.

Option Default Meaning
brackets ['{}', '[]', '()'] Single brackets string or list of strings to detect brackets. Can be repeating brackets eg. "" or ''.
escape '___' Escape prefix for flat references.
flat false Return flat array instead of nested arrays.

str = paren.stringify(tokens, {flat}?)

Stringify tokens back. Pass {flat: true} flag for flat tokens array.



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