A parrot-like bot you can talk with.

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A parrot-like bot you can talk with.

Online demo

You can talk to the Parrot, by visiting See below how to use it.

How it works

The Parrot Bot doesn't know anything in the beginning. You have to teach them to give answers. The answers you will eventually get from the bot will be your own words, hence the name: Parrot Bot. 🐦

Enjoy! :tada:

:cloud: Installation

# Using npm
npm install --save parrot-bot

# Using yarn
yarn add parrot-bot

:clipboard: Example

const Parrot = require("parrot-bot");

// Create a new bot
let bot = new Parrot("en");

// Catch the error
bot.on("error", err => console.error(err));

// Try to solve this planet's problems
console.log(bot.tellSync("How many people are in the world?"));
// => I don't know to answer this questin.

// Teach this robot, so next time we will know what to do
bot.tellSync("There are 7 billion people on this planet.");

// Ask him again
console.log(bot.tellSync("How many people are in the world?"));
// => You're repeating yourself.

// Clear the internal cache

// Ask him again
console.log(bot.tellSync("How many people are in the world?"));
// => There are 7 billion people on this planet.

// Kill this bot (this will NOT kill his memory)

:question: Get Help

There are few ways to get help:

  1. Please post questions on Stack Overflow. You can open issues with questions, as long you add a link to your Stack Overflow question.
  2. For bug reports and feature requests, open issues. :bug:
  3. For direct and quick help, you can use Codementor. :rocket:

:memo: Documentation

ParrotBot(config, options)


  • String|Object config: The bot language or the bot config itself.
  • Object options: An object containing the following fields:
  • database (Object): The database configuration:
    • name (String): The database name (default: parrotbot)
    • uri (String): The MongoDB uri.
    • collection (String): The collection name.
  • lang (String): The bot language. Supported: ro (Romanian), en (English). Feel free to extend this by adding new files in the lib/languages directory.


  • ParrotBot The ParrotBot instance.


Gets the words from the message, ignoring the words that should be ignored (configuredin the bot config).


  • String message: The message to get the words from.


  • Array The message words.


Returns a fail message (such as I don't know how to answer).


  • String The message.


Returns a message such as Hey, you have already asked me this!.


  • String type: The message type.


  • String The message.


Returns the message type (question or answer).


  • String message: The message.


  • String A for answer, Q for question.


Removes the diacritics from the message.


  • String message: The message containing special characters.


  • String The message without diacrtics.


Returns the config object.


  • Object The config object.

tell(message, cb)

Tell something to the bot.


  • String message: The message to send to the bot.
  • Function cb: The callback function.


Parse the message and prepare the database record.


  • String message: The message to insert.


  • Object An object containing:
  • type (String): The message type (A/Q).
  • message (String): The raw message.
  • meta (Array): The message words.

processMessageToSend(message, cb)

Answers a message, without remembering it.


  • String message: The message to answer to.
  • Function cb: The callback function.


Clears the internal cache.


  • Function cb: The callback function.

remove(filters, options, cb)

Removes messages.


  • Object filters: The query filters.
  • Object options: The query options.
  • Function cb: The callback function.


Ends the connection to the database, but doesn't clear the memory (the database documents).

:yum: How to contribute

Have an idea? Found a bug? See how to contribute.

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:scroll: License

MIT © Ionică Bizău