Singly Linked List

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A singly linked list in JavaScript.


const ParrotSll = require("parrot-sll");

const addressList = ParrotSll();
addressList.add({ name: 'Bruce Lee', street: 'Kung Fu Street 12' });
addressList.add({ name: 'John Snow', street: 'Winterfell 1' });

console.log(addressList.size()) // "2"

console.log(addressList.get(0).name) // "Bruce Lee"
console.log(addressList.get(1).name) // "John Snow"


console.log(addressList.size()) // "1"

console.log(addressList.get(0).name) // "John Snow"

Please note that


  • add(object: any): void Adds an object to the list
  • size(): number Returns the size of the list
  • get(index: integer): any Returns object at given index. If index is out of bounds it returns null.
  • remove(index: integer): any Removes the object at given index from the list and returns the removed object. If the index is out of bounds it returns null.

Runtime complexity

  • add: O(1)
  • size: O(1)
  • get: O(n)
  • remove: O(n)