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Parse Migration CLI Tool


Create credencial.json to send request:

  "parse": {
    "applicationId": "<application id>",
    "masterKey": "<master key>"
  • applicationId - (Required) - Parse Application ID
  • masterKey - (Required) - Parse Master Key (Not your Client Key or REST API Key)


$ npm install -g parse-migration-tool


There are multiple command-line options available:

  Usage: parse [options] [command]


    installation <file>         Retrieve the contents of an installation objects
    migrate [options] <file>    Create files or Send request to import


    -h, --help     output usage information
    -V, --version  output the version number

Migrate to Growth Push

Growth Push is one of the biggest push notification platoform in Japan. Growth Push provides Push Notification's analyses and delivery services for Applications developers. - relatedcode/ParseAlternatives

For Growth push, the script will generate CSV files which are named ios.csv and android.csv. You can use it on Growth Push dashbord. They also provide API to import but it will take much time so I choose the way. If you would like to import yours with API, please create a issue.

$ parse migrate -s growthpush credential.json
$ ls
ios.csv andorid.csv


MIT © Sota Yamashita