A webpack loading for extracting a part of a file.

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  import partLoader from '';


part-loader for webpack

A webpack loader for extracting a part of a file. Mostly useful when including examples inline in other code.

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npm install part-loader


Generally it makes most sense to use this inline along with the raw loader. Prefixing the require call with !! causes it to skip any other configured loaders.


var a = 1;
// snip
var b = 2;
// snip
var c = 3;


var stuff = require('!!raw!part?token=snip!./example1.js');

stuff === 'var b = 2;'

There are two querystring parameters accepted by the loader

  • token - required, used to match comment lines which start and end the part to be captured
  • indent - optional, can be used to add indentation to each captured line

See the tests for other examples.


Copyright 2016 Glen Mailer.

MIT Licened.