Manage video categories.

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Categories management plugin

A PeerTube plugin to manage video categories.


  1. Install and start a PeerTube dev instance following this guide:

In dev mode, administrator username is root and password is test.

  1. Install the plugin from your PeerTube directory:
node ./dist/server/tools/peertube.js plugins install --path ~/workspace/peertube/peertube-plugin-categories

You may look at the plugin categories configuration there: http://localhost:9000/plugins/categories/router/enhanced-categories

This URL is used to update the categories table on the settings page.

You may check which categories will actually be exposed in your instance: http://localhost:9000/api/v1/videos/categories


Force plugin update

  1. set the latest available plugin version to the last version number:
update "plugin" set "latestVersion" = 'X.X.X' where "plugin"."name" = 'categories';
  1. Refresh plugins page and update the plugin.

Common pitfalls

  • You must re-install the plugin to test each updates.

  • If your client code doesn't seem to update, visit the following URL and clear your browser cache by hitting Ctrl+F5. http://localhost:9000/plugins/categories/1.1.0/client-scripts/src/client/admin-plugin-settings.js