Dead simple tool to use postcss together with penguin.

Usage no npm install needed!

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This is a toolchain to integrate postcss with penguin.js.


$ npm i -S penguin-postcss


This toolchain consists of a middleware for the penguin dev-server and a build tool to build your styles for production.

The integration of the middleware is easy. Include it in your start command.

penguin serve --middleware [ penguin-postcss -c postcss.config.js ]

You also have to call the tool as a program to build your styles for production.

$ penguin-postcss -c postcss-config.js

Both uses include a config.js. This config.js can be named like you prefer and includes some options:

  • prefix - The directory to search for styles. This prefix is also used to serve the styles (e.g. /static/{prefix}/mystyle.css).
  • pattern - (default *.*) The pattern to grep for in the prefix directory.
  • options - Options to pass directly to postcss.
  • plugins - Array of plugin instances to use.