guau vaya sintaxis tela perri muy futuro

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import perriscript from '';


perriscript NPM version

Learn broken Spanish with Perriscript (AKA why not?)

This is a reimplementation of the best new compile-to-JS language, Dogescript by Zach Bruggeman, in Spanish. Guau.

         vaya perriscript
     muy compilado
       npm guau

Try it out


npm install -g perriscript


Command Line

perriscript without a file launches a REPL.

perriscript location/to/perriscript.pjs pipes the result to stdout. Use a command like perriscript perriscript.pjs > compiled.js to save to a file.


  • --beautify - Runs the code through a beautifier.
  • --true-perri - Implements "true perri" mode, which splits lines by 3 spaces, instead of by newlines. This stays behind a flag until the spacing it exports is identical to non-true-perri mode.


perriscript(file, beauty, truePerri)

  • file - A string of Perriscript.
  • beauty - A boolean, set to true if you want the output to be ran through a beautifier.
  • truePerri - A boolean, set to true if you want to enable true-perri mode.

Interactive example

Open example/GUAUserify/index.html in your browser or browse to

If you make any change in the parser and want to regenerate the bundle, you'll need to install browserify first:

npm install -g browserify

Then cd to the example/GUAUserify/ folder and run

browserify index.js > bundle.js


Check out for some documentation. Otherwise, look at the example files in this repo.


  • 2013-12-28 0.0.1 Celebrating El día de los Santos Inocentes.