pgrita client

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Node client for


npx pgrita
  [--token <token>]
  [--project <project>]
  [--connection <database>]
  [--gitBranch <branch>]
  [--gitHash <hash>]

The following CLI arguments are required unless the relevant environmental variable is supplied:

  • --token <token>: your authentication token from; alternatively supply via the PGRITA_TOKEN environmental variable.
  • --project <project>: the name of your project on; alternatively supply via the PGRITA_PROJECT environmental variable.
  • --connection <database>: connection string to your PostgreSQL database (see below); alternatively supply via the DATABASE_URL environmental variable.

The command will exit with success (0 exit code) if introspection is successful, the upload is successful, the results from your database analysis are retrieved within the allotted timeout (30 seconds, normally much faster), and the analysis results show no errors. In all other cases the command will exit with a non-zero status code indicating failure.

This command is suitable for use in your CI workflow.

Determining git branch and hash

If you don't supply git branch/hash via the --gitBranch and --gitHash flags, we will attempt to determine your git branch and git hash by using these continuous integration environmental variables:

  • GitHub Actions:
    • branch: GITHUB_REF
    • hash: GITHUB_SHA
  • Circle CI
    • branch: CIRCLE_BRANCH
    • hash: CIRCLE_SHA1
  • Travis CI
    • hash: TRAVIS_COMMIT

Failing that, we'll try and extract them from the local git repository by running the following commands:

  • git branch: git rev-parse --abbrev-ref HEAD
  • git hash: git rev-parse --verify HEAD

If this fails, we'll progress without branch/hash.

PostgreSQL connection string

If you have PostgreSQL installed locally using trust authentication, your database name may suffice. Otherwise a standard PostgreSQL connection URI (e.g. postgres://user:password@host:port/dbname) should be supplied. If your PostgreSQL connection requires SSL (e.g. error such as ERROR: no pg_hba.conf entry for host "", user "***, database "***", SSL off), you may need to add ?ssl=true to the connection string. If you get an error such as ERROR: self signed certificate then the quickest fix is to add ?ssl=no-verify; there are other more proper fixes but they're somewhat complex - we use the pg module ( as our PostgreSQL client, so more instructions can be found there (or ask on the Graphile Discord).

You can read more about connection strings here: