Simple and lightweight HTML to PDF conversion using Node and PhantomJS

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phantom-html2pdf for NodeJS

Simple and lightweight HTML to text conversion using Node and PhantomJS.

Important: PhantomJS development is suspended until further notice (see #15344 for more details). Since this project is just a small wrapper around PhantomJS we will not maintain it anymore.


npm install phantom-html2pdf


  1. PhantomJS
  2. Async
  3. Temp
  4. Debug

Conversion API

The API exposes a single function 'convert'. Using this function, you can input a multitude of settings, which are further specified below:

var pdf = require('phantom-html2pdf');

pdf.convert(options, function(err, result) {

    /* Using a buffer and callback */
    result.toBuffer(function(returnedBuffer) {});

    /* Using a readable stream */
    var stream = result.toStream();

    /* Using the temp file path */
    var tmpPath = result.getTmpPath();

    /* Using the file writer and callback */
    result.toFile("/path/to/file.pdf", function() {});


Calling convert() requires an options object, which includes the following definitions:

    "html" : "Path to HTML file",
    "css" : "Path to additional CSS file",
    "js" : "Path to additional JavaScript file",
    "runnings" : "Path to runnings file. Check further below for explanation.",
    "paperSize" : "Two ways to do this, see below",
    "deleteOnAction" : true/false (Deletes the created temp file once you access it via toBuffer() or toFile()),
  "runningsArgs": Object (You can pass an object to the runnings file when you have wrapped it with a function)

Instead of paths, one can also provide properly escaped source code.

Paper Size

Either supply a paper format, orientation and border (this is the default)

{format: 'A4', orientation: 'portrait', border: '1cm'}

Or supply a page width, height and border.

{width: '3in', height: '2in', border: '0.5in'}

See link below for accepted units and formats:

Runnings File

You can also wrap your runnings configuration with a function and pass runningsArgs.

Known issues

On Macs the generated PDF is going to be a bitmap, however it works perfectly fine on Linux and Windows Servers. So be careful when developing and testing on Macs; it's going to work in production :-)