Phaser Editor 2D launcher for NPM based projects.

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Phaser Editor 2D v3 Launcher

Modern (and professional) Phaser game development uses npmjs for managing the game dependencies. Common dependencies are Phaser, third-party libraries, and tools like TypeScript or Webpack.

The phasereditor2d-launcher is a node package for wrapping Phaser Editor 2D Core, so you can install it and manage it as a dependency of your game project.


You can install it as a project development dependency:

$ npm install --save-dev phasereditor2d-launcher

Or install it globally:

$ npm install -g phasereditor2d-launcher

Running the launcher

The phasereditor2d-launcher package is a command line tool. You can run it like this:

$ npx phasereditor2d-launcher -project path/to/project

If you used one of the project templates provided by Phaser Editor 2D, then you can run the launcher this way:

$ npm run editor

Where editor is a script defined in the package.json file:

"scritps": {
    "editor": "phasereditor2d-launcher -project ."

Fetching Phaser Editor 2D binaries

When you run the launcher the first time, it downloads the Phaser Editor 2D Core binaries for your platform. The binaries are installed in your user home directory: ~/.phasereditor2d/installs.

Some advantages

There are a couple of advantages of installing Phaser Editor 2D as a node package dependency:

  • You can install it globally, and NPM will update the system PATH for you.
  • You can install it as a dependency of your project (recommended), and teammates working in the same project will use the same version of the editor.
  • You can update the editor using the NPM update command.