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  import phishermanGg from '';


A NodeJS wrapper for phisherman API.


npm install
yarn add


import { PhishermanClient } from '';

const client = new PhishermanClient({
    apiKey: '<your-api-key>'

// Check if domain is a phish or scam
client.check('').then(console.log); // { classification: 'malicious', verifiedPhish: true }

// Report a phish'').then(console.log); // { success: false, message: 'Domain already exists' }



options is an object with the following properties:

  1. apiKey (string): The api key to authorize requests.


Checks the supplied domain against the phisherman database. Returns the classification and status (verified) of the domain, if valid.

Returns information the phisherman database has stored about a phishing domain.

PhishermanClient.reportCaughtPhish(domain, guildId)

When integrating the Phisherman checks with your Discord bot, you can optionally report back when it catches a phish in your server(s). Reporting back caught phish is entirely optional and not required for normal usage, it is to help the phisherman API with analytics.


Report a new phishing domain to the phisherman API.

If you encounter any issues, please join the Discord Server and ask for help, or contact FC#5104.