Image pixels information getter for node.js.

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  import pixelGetter from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/pixel-getter';


Pixel Getter

Image pixels information getter for node.js.


$ npm install pixel-getter


Only jpg / jpeg, png, gif format are supported so far.

At first you should require it:

var getter = require("pixel-getter");

You can pass image buffer, local filename or even remote url to get it's pixel information.

getter.get("eg.jpg", function(err, pixels) { /** ... */ });
getter.get(new Buffer(...), function(err, pixels) { /** ... */ });
getter.get("http://nodejs.org/images/logo-light.png", function(err, pixels) { /** ... */ });

The argument pixels to your callback function is a two-dimensional array. Eg:

    [ { "r": 0, "g": 0, "b": 0, "a": 0 } ]

pixels[0][0] indicates the first pixel in the first frame. jpg and png files always have only one frame.

If you're using GIF format, you may pass the optional parameter frames which can be a single number or an array contains starting frame and ending frame.


getter.get("foo.gif", function(){}, 1);
getter.get("foo.gif", function(){}, [ 1, 2 ]);

You can also set a timeout for downloading:

getter.get("http://foo/bar.jpg", function() {}, 1, 10000);
// means 10000ms is the max time


You're welcome to fork and pull requests!