Library to help loading plugins from different locations

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Library (for NodeJS) designed to load plugins from given folders, and from objects. It will let you get all the plugins from a folder (including children folders on multiple levels). You can also give it your custom plugins as objects.


  • Load plugins from folder, sub-folder, ...
  • Load plugins from given objects, ...
  • Can handle mutiple paths


  • Node supporting ES6 options (v4.2 or higher)


To install the library, just use npm: npm install plugin-system


The library will send back a function to use like this:

var loadPlugins = require('plugin-system');
    paths: [
    custom: [
        name: 'MyPlugin1',
        name: 'MyPlugin2',
        name: 'MyPlugin3',
    .then(function onSuccess(plugins) {
        // plugins is an array of all the plugins loaded (using require on file/folders & merge with the custom plugins given)
    .catch(function onError(err) {

The configuration object take two arrays:

  • paths: all the path to check. It will search through the path and the full hierarchy.
  • custom: A collection of your custom plugins, defined as function/object/...

The promise will send any error (err) that has happened during the process, and plugins will be an array of your plugins.

Loading process

The paths will be processed separately, and will load the plugins (using require()) like this:

  • Load every file ending with .js (using /.+\.js$/ regex)
  • Load every folder containing index.js with a require(pathToFolder)
  • Search every sub-folder (with no index.js) for other plugins.