PM2 Module to monitor redis

Usage no npm install needed!

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PM2 module to monitor a Redis server with Keymetrics


pm2 install pm2-redis


  • workerInterval (Defaults to 2 in secs) : You can control at which interval the worker is updating the stats (minimum is 1)
  • ip (Defaults to Set the host of your redis server (can be load from PM2_REDIS_IP env var)
  • port (Defaults to 6379): Set the port of your redis server (can be load from PM2_REDIS_PORT env var)
  • password (Defaults to none): Set the password if you have activated the authentification (can be load from PM2_REDIS_PWD env var)

How to set these values ?

After having installed the module you have to type : pm2 set pm2-redis:


  • pm2 set pm2-redis:workerInterval 5 (every 5 seconds)
  • pm2 set pm2-redis:ip (ip of my redis server)
  • pm2 set pm2-redis:password "bestpassword" (the password will be used to connect to redis)


pm2 uninstall pm2-redis