PostCSS plugin that polyfill W3C's CSS proposal to support logical properties and values

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PostCSS Logical Properties Polyfill

Ultimate PostCSS plugin that polyfill Bi-directional CSS proposal from W3C to support direction-sensitive rules, a.k.a Left-To-Right (LTR) and Right-To-Left (RTL), as well as for vertical writing in all possible variations in all browsers.

It also knows how to polyfill a transition property if the specified props contains logical properties. See the transformers.ts for the full list of supported properties.



npm install -D postcss-logical-properties-polyfill


yarn add -D postcss-logical-properties-polyfill


See PostCSS docs for examples how to enable the plugin for your environment. Use postcss-logical-properties-polyfill instead of postcss-plugin in the examples.

The plugin supports several options. A complete list of options is listed below.

const pluginOptions = {
    modes: ['rtl', 'ltr'],
    // or
    modes: [
        ['horizontal-tb', 'rtl'],
        ['horizontal-tb', 'ltr'],
        ['vertical-rl', 'rtl'],
        ['vertical-rl', 'ltr'],
        ['vertical-lr', 'rtl'],
        ['vertical-lr', 'ltr'],
        ['sideways-rl', 'rtl'],
        ['sideways-rl', 'ltr'],
        ['sideways-lr', 'rtl'],
        ['sideways-lr', 'ltr'],
    preserve: true, // If set to false, polyfilled properties will be removed
    buildSelector(selector, writingMode, direction) {
        let prefix = `html[dir="${direction}"]`;
        if (writingMode !== 'horizontal-tb') {
            prefix += ` .writing-mode-${writingMode}`;

        return `${prefix} ${selector}`;