Unleash the detectives

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Unleash the detectives

npm install --save precinct

Uses the appropriate detective to find the dependencies of a file or its AST.


  • JavaScript modules: AMD, CommonJS, and ES6.
  • Typescript
  • CSS Preprocessors: Sass, Stylus, and Less
  • CSS (PostCSS)


var precinct = require('precinct');

var content = fs.readFileSync('myFile.js', 'utf8');

// Pass in a file's content or an AST
var deps = precinct(content);

You may pass options (to individual detectives) based on the module type via an optional second object argument `detective(content, options), for example:

Example call: precinct(content, { amd: { skipLazyLoaded: true } });

  • The supported module type prefixes are amd, commonjs, css, es6, less, sass, scss, stylus, ts, tsx

Current options:

  • amd.skipLazyLoaded: tells the AMD detective to omit lazy-loaded dependencies (i.e., inner requires).
  • es6.mixedImports: allows for all dependencies to be fetched from a file that contains both CJS and ES6 imports.
  • Note: This will work for any file format that contains an es6 import.
  • css.url: tells the CSS detective to include url() references to images, fonts, etc.

Finding non-JavaScript (ex: Sass and Stylus) dependencies:

var content = fs.readFileSync('styles.scss', 'utf8');

var deps = precinct(content, { type: 'sass' });
var deps2 = precinct(content, { type: 'stylus' });

Or, if you just want to pass in a filepath and get the dependencies:

var paperwork = require('precinct').paperwork;

var deps = paperwork('myFile.js');
var deps2 = paperwork('styles.scss');
precinct.paperwork(filename, options)

Supported options:

  • includeCore: (default: true) set to false to exclude core Node dependencies from the list of dependencies.
  • fileSystem: (default: undefined) set to an alternative fs implementation that will be used to read the file path.
  • You may also pass detective-specific configuration like you would to precinct(content, options).


Assumes a global install of npm install -g precinct

precinct [options] path/to/file

  • Run precinct --help to see options