Express middleware plugin that adds MongoDB caching to Prerender Node

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Express npm plugin for MongoDB caching, to be used with the prerender-node middleware for prerender

This was inspired by prerender-mongo and modified to work with Express apps. This also works with Meteor.

How it works

This plugin will store prerendered pages into a MongoDB database.

Default values:

mongoUri: mongodb://localhost/prerender // prerender being the database name
ttl: 86400 // pages will be cached for 1 day
collection: pages

How to use

In your local Express app run:

$ npm install prerender-node-mongo --save

Then in your app's server.js:

// set up prerender-node
let PrerenderNode = require('prerender-node');

// set up prerender-node-mongo
let PrerenderNodeMongo = require('prerender-node-mongo');

// hook up the cache
PrerenderNode.set('beforeRender', PrerenderNodeMongo.beforeRender);
PrerenderNode.set('afterRender', PrerenderNodeMongo.afterRender);


A custom mongo url can be set using env variables MONGOLAB_URI or MONGOHQ_URL.

To change the page expiration use env variable PAGE_TTL.

How to update stored cache

Change the HTTP GET method to POST or PUT and prerender will re-cache it.