A set of React components build around Pretty Checkbox

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A flexible, yet simple React API around Pretty Checkbox

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Pretty Checkbox React

Pretty Checkbox React (PCR for short) is a small react wrapper around the the pretty awesome library pretty checkbox.

Getting Started

Pretty Checkbox React uses hooks heavily., Be sure you're running React 16.9 or later :smile:. Not using hooks? No sweat – you still need 16.9+! PCR is compatible with classes, too!

npm i pretty-checkbox pretty-checkbox-react

# or with yarn
yarn add pretty-checkbox pretty-checkbox-react

Make sure you're on a supported version of React and React DOM:

npm i react@^16.9 react-dom@^16.9

# or use the latest and greatest react
npm i react react-dom

Using Preact?

PCR seamlessly integrates with Preact :sunglasses:, you don't even need to include preact/compat!

Basic Usage

PCR components are easy to use and require no additional setup. Use as controlled or uncontrolled, use with hooks or with classes, and pass all the props you want -- it's all forwarded to the underlying input element. Hungry for more? Head on over the the doc site.

import * as React from 'react';
import { Checkbox } from 'pretty-checkbox-react';

function App() {
    return <Checkbox>Do you agree to the terms and conditions?</Checkbox>;

Uncontrolled Usage

Add a ref and get access to the input element. Uncontrolled mode allows for seamless integration with form solutions like react-hook-form:

import * as React from 'react';
import { Checkbox } from 'pretty-checkbox-react';

function App() {
    const ref = React.useRef(null);

    React.useEffect(() => {
        if (ref.current) {
            // do something awesome
    }, []);

    return <Checkbox ref={ref}>Do you agree to the terms and conditions?</Checkbox>;

Controlled Mode

Use our awesome hooks to abstract away state logic!

import * as React from 'react';
import { Checkbox, useCheckboxState } from 'pretty-checkbox-react';

function App() {
    const checkbox = useCheckboxState();

    const onSubmit = React.useCallback(
        e => {

            if (!checkbox.state) {
                // update the state manually from the `confirm` result
                checkbox.setState(confirm('Do you agree to the terms and conditions?'));

    return (
        <form onSubmit={onSubmit}>
            <Checkbox name="tac" value="" {...checkbox}>
                Do you agree to the terms and conditions?


PCR has extensive docs documented here: Give it a read and see what PCR is all about :+1:.

Legacy Docs

For posterity purposes, PCR 1.x docs are still hosted here:


Head on over to releases :tada:


Shout out to Lokesh for creating the original pretty-checkbox library :star:


This project is licensed under the MIT License