Extends repl.REPLServer to allow for a colorize function

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Pretty REPL

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An extension of the Node REPL (repl.REPLServer) that applies syntax highlighting as the user types.

Pretty REPL Screenshot

How to use it

Install the package:

$ npm install --save pretty-repl

Use the package:

const repl = require('pretty-repl');

const options = {
    prompt: '→ '


options is an an object with the same options as repl.REPLServer.

Additionally, it's possible to pass an additional colorize property to the options object:

    colorize: function (str) {
        // str is the the string in input.
        // the function should return the string that has been colorized to output in the REPL.

In order to highlighting matching pairs of brackets, a colorizeMatchingBracket is also available.


Pretty repl is inspired and includes code fragments from: