module with functions relating to the prime factors of a positive integer

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Module with simple primality tester and functions to return prime factors of a number in various formats. Find module on npm and code repo with examples on GitHub.


const pf = require('primes-and-factors');
pf.isPrime(number);                // return boolean: true if number is prime (e.g. 5), false otherwise (e.g. 18)
pf.getFactors(number);             // get array of prime factors of a number (e.g. [2, 3, 3] for 18)
pf.getUniqueFactors(number);       // get array of distinct prime factors of a number (e.g. [2, 3] for 18)
pf.getPrimeExponentObject(number); // get object of primes and exponents (e.g. {2:1, 3:2} for 18)
pf.getFrequency(number);           // get array of objects, each object for a prime power factor p^k
                                   // with object format {factor: p, times: k}

Use npm i primes-and-factors to install. For full examples see GitHub examples directory. Works up to Number.MAX_SAFE_INTEGER which is approximately 9e15.