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Reports information about your node process to statsd. Use it like this:

var ProcessReporter = require('process-reporter');

var processReporter = ProcessReporter({
    statsd: statsdClient


It currently reports these stats:

  • yourapp.process-reporter.handles number of libuv handles
  • yourapp.process-reporter.requests number of libuv requests
  • yourapp.process-reporter.memory-usage.rss resident set size of procss
  • yourapp.process-reporter.memory-usage.heap-total total size of v8 heap
  • yourapp.process-reporter.memory-usage.heap-used amt of v8 heap used
  • yourapp.process-reporter.lag-sampler event loop lag
  • yourapp.process-reporter.gc.{gc-type}.pause-ms length of GC pauses
  • yourapp.process-reporter.gc.{gc-type}.heap-used +/- amount of bytes GCd
  • yourapp.process-reporter.gc.{gc-type}.heap-total +/- changes in heap total

To destroy the reporter just call processReporter.destroy();


The ProcessReporter constructor takes an options dictionary:

  • options.statsd, a per-worker statsd to write per-worker stats to
  • options.clusterStatsd, a cluster-wide statsd to write cluster-wide stats to

You can pass in an optional clusterStatsd that will be used to emit lag-sampler and gc.{gc-type}.pause-ms stats that are cluster wide so that your statsd aggregation can calculate more accurate P99s