A SolidOS compatible pane to display a personal profile page

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SolidOS pane that displays a personal profile page

This is a re-write that is going to replace the current profile pane



Tech stack

  • Typescript
  • lit-html
  • Jest
  • Eslint
  • Prettier
  • SolidOS


To run all tests:

npm test

Unit tests

Unit tests use jest and are placed next to the tested file as *.spec.ts files.

Integration tests

Integration tests verify the rendering of the whole pane (with mocked HTTP requests) and are placed under ./src/integration-tests.

Dev Server

Start a webpack dev server:

npm start

Visit http://localhost:8080/ to render the pane. Adjust const webIdToShow in ./dev/index.ts to show a different profile.


npm run build

The build is done by tsc, webpack is only used as dev server and not for production build.