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node-progbar is a library for drawing progress bars in xterm-like (or hopefully any somewhat ECMA-48-compatible) terminals.


var mod_progbar = require('progbar');

 * Instantiate the ProgressBar class, like so.  This instance
 * represents a single transfer operation, and will draw one
 * final status report when the transfer is deemed over.
 * NB: you may also set 'nosize' to true, instead of passing
 *     'size', if you do not know the length of the stream
 *     in advance.
var bar = new mod_progbar.ProgressBar({
    filename: '', // filename to display
    size: 10048               // filesize in bytes

 * Usually, you would use the progress bar in Stream data
 * events, like so:
stream.on('data', function (data) {
stream.on('end', function (data) {

 * You may also use the stream() method to get a passthrough stream
 * that you may pipe your data through.  The bar will advance with
 * the passage of bytes through the stream, and end() will be called
 * at the end of the stream.