Coordinate projections (stereographic)

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Collection of (stereographic) map projections. See this Wikipedia list.

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npm install --save projections


const projections = require('projections') // for all projections
const mercator = require('projections/mercator') // for a specific projection

WGS to map coordinates

const {x, y} = mercator({lon: 13.5, lat: 52.4})
// x ≊ 0.53722
// y ≊ 0.32686

Given an object containing lon and lat, mercator returns an object {x: …, y: …} (0 ≤ x ≤ 1). For details on the range of y, see the map height column in the projections table.

Map coordinates to WGS

const {lon, lat} = mercator({x: 0.53722, y: 0.32686})
// lon ≊ 13.5
// lat ≊ 52.4

Given an object containing x and y (0 ≤ x ≤ 1), mercator returns an object {lon: …, lat: …}.

Be sure to use the same options everytime you're converting coordinates back and forth to get correct results.


Projection Full name Available options Map height*
braun Braun stereographic meridian, latLimit
central-cylindrical Central cylindrical meridian, latLimit
equirectangular Equirectangular meridian, standardParallel 1 / 2
gall Gall stereographic meridian, latLimit
gall-peters Gall–Peters meridian 2 / π
kavrayskiy-7 Kavrayskiy VII meridian 1 / √3
lambert Lambert cylindrical equal-area meridian 1 / π
mercator Mercator (Web) meridian, latLimit
miller Miller cylindrical meridian, latLimit 
sinusoidal Sinusoidal meridian 1 / 2
wagner-6 Wagner VI meridian 1 / 2

* If the projection uses a latitude limit, the map height is the value of y at {lon: meridian, lat: -latLimit}. Otherwise it is the value of y at {lon: meridian, lat: -90}.


Option description Default
meridian Latitude of the central meridian 0
latLimit maximum latitude in degrees < 90 85
standardParallel longitude of the standard parallel(s) 0


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