Declare your love for all time on the blockchain.

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  import proofOfLove from '';


Proof of Love

Declare your love for all time on the blockchain.

npm install proof-of-love

Proving our Love

In our examples we're going to use the bitcoinjs-lib and the helloblock-js test faucet to get and process our private key, public address and unspent outputs.

var Bitcoin = require("bitcoinjs-lib");

var helloblock = require("helloblock-js")({
  network: 'testnet'

helloblock.faucet.get(1, function(err, res, body) {

  var privateKeyWIF = body.privateKeyWIF;
  var address = body.address;
  var unspentOutputs = body.unspents;
  // ...

We'll need to provide a few of your own functions.

Signing a transaction:

var signFromPrivateKeyWIF = function(privateKeyWIF) {
  return function(tx, callback) {
    var key = Bitcoin.ECKey.fromWIF(privateKeyWIF);
    tx.sign(0, key); 
    callback(false, tx);
var signTransaction = signFromPrivateKeyWIF(privateKeyWIF);

Propagating a transaction:

var propagateTransaction = function(tx, callback) {
  helloblock.transactions.propagate(tx, function(err, res, body) {
    callback(err, res);

Looking up and parsing a transaction:

var getTransaction = function(txHash, callback) {
  helloblock.transactions.get(txHash, function(err, res, tx) {
    callback(err, tx);

And finally we're ready to prove our love.

  from: "one",
  to: "another",
  address: address,
  unspentOutputs: unspentOutputs,
  propagateTransaction: propagateTransaction,
  signTransaction: signTransaction
}, function(error, proofOfLove) {
  console.log(proofOfLove.from, "♥",;

Finding Love

var txHash = "2756d3fec97c76227171c88d568b7e524b45f129e642e6c9b5b8dcff50e4a091";
getTransaction(txHash, function(err, tx) {
  love.scan(tx, function(err, proofOfLove) {
    console.log(proofOfLove.from, "♥",;