A tiny pseudo localization utility that doesn't mangle strings

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Pseudo Localizer

A tiny utility that brings harmony to content authors and developers.


Most pseudo localization techniques mangle strings based on their ASCII values which creates two problems:

  1. Pseudo localization doesn't work with non-ASCII encodings
  2. Fuzzy matching doesn't work (ex: /Hello/.test('Ḥḛḛḽḽṓṓ') vs /Hello/.test('_Hello--_'))

pseudo-localizer works by taking the current string as-is and adds padding around the strings so fuzzy matches still behave properly.


npm i pseudo-localizer


pseudo-localizer works in the browser, node, and deno. pseudo-localizer exports a single function that takes a string and options.

import { pseudo } from 'pseudo-localizer';

pseudo('Hello'); // Hello--
pseudo('Hello', { prefix: '_' }); // _Hello--
pseudo('Hello', { letterMultiplier: 2 }); // _Hello----

Fixed-Length Expansion

Sometimes you want to expand all strings by a percentage:

import { pseudo } from 'pseudo-localizer';

pseudo('Ahoy, matey!', { mode: 'fixed' }); // Ahoy, matey!---
pseudo('Ahoy, matey!', { mode: 'fixed', fixedMultiplier: 0.75 }); // Ahoy, matey!---------


Name Type Default Value Required Description
mode 'fixed' \| 'vowels' 'vowels' No Set fixed to manually specify the string length multiplier
prefix string No Set a prefix to use before the pseudo string
suffix string No Set a suffix to use after the pseudo string
pad string '-' No Set the pad character
vowels string[] \| Set<string> [a,e,i,o,u,A,E,I,O,U] No Override the vowels list for non-English locales
fixedMultiplier number 0.3 No In fixed mode, override the fixed multiplier as a percentage of the original string length
letterMultiplier number 1 No Specify a custom letter multiplier in vowel mode