Allow authentication to take place entirely in the client, avoiding the need for a server component. This is a security risk but may have some valid use cases or be useful when getting started.

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<script type="module">
  import pusherJsClientAuth from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/pusher-js-client-auth';


pusher-js Client Authentication Plugin

Pusher is built with security in mind. Because of this you need to authenticate subscriptions to private- and presence- channels against a server. However, sometimes you don't want to do this. This plugin provides a way of authenticating on the client (in the browser).

However, you SHOULD NOT expose your application secret in production. If you have a real production use case for this then please drop me an email.


This is a plugin for the official Pusher JavaScript library and compatible with the latest 2.2.x release. Make sure you have a working implementation up and running.

Documentation and configuration options are explained at the Pusher-js Github page


Load the plugin after including the Pusher library

<script src="//js.pusher.com/2.2/pusher.min.js"></script>
<script src="dist/pusher-js-client-auth.js"></script>


This plugin comes with a few extra configuration parameters. The whole list is available at the Pusher-js Github page

var pusher = new Pusher(APP_KEY, {
    authTransport: 'client',
    clientAuth: {
      key: APP_KEY,
      secret: APP_SECRET,
      user_id: USER_ID,
      user_info: {}

clientAuth.key (String)

Required field. This is duplicating the APP_KEY. However, there is no nice way of fetching the value through the existing API so duplication seems to be the best option for now.

clientAuth.secret (String)

Required field. This is your application secret. Remember: do not deploy this to production.

user_id (String)

The user_id used when authenticating Presence channels. This user id will be used to uniquely identify the user.

user_info (Object)

The user_info used when authenticating Presence channels. The information supplied here will be available to anybody subscribed to the presence channel.

var pusher = new Pusher(APP_KEY, {
    authTransport: 'client',
    clientAuth: {
      key: APP_KEY
      secret: APP_SECRET,
      user_id: 'leggetter',
      user_info: {
        twitter: 'leggetter'
        github: 'leggetter'
        bio: 'Developer Evangelist'

Library Development


Install Gulp globally.

$ npm install --global gulp

Install module dev dependencies.

$ npm install


gulp test