QCObjects Playground

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  import qcobjectsPlayground from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/qcobjects-playground';



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QCObjects Playground

QCObjects Playground

QCObjects Playground is a tool that helps you to learn the basic concepts of QCObjects

To install this playground you need Docker. More info about how to install Docker here

This image is based in the QCObjects Docker Official Image

QCObjects is an Open-source framework that empowers full-stack developers to make micro-services and micro-frontends into an N-Tier architecture.

With QCObjects devlopers are also able to code front-end and back-end together using a common syntax in pure JavaScript. It is cross-browser, cross-platform and cross-frame.

QCObjects is being featured by British Herald as today, the most advanced framework for modern software development.

This document is the Main Reference Documentation!

Check out the official page of QCObjects at https://qcobjects.dev