Shared style guide across the QPP program.

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import qppStyle from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/qpp-style';


QPP-Style React

This directory contains react implementations of the components for QPP.

A storybook with examples is published at https://cmsgov.github.io/qpp-style

Github Branch and Pull Request process

  1. Create branch off main and create a Pull Request into main for the feature.

Example Branch Name: feature/QPPXX-XXXX_make_icon_better

  1. Once merged into main, create release branch from main.
  2. Name the new branch release/x.xx.x
  3. Run the version bump:
cd qpp-style/react
npm version --no-git-tag-version patch

Example Commit Message:

x.xx.x release

  1. Create a pull request against main with the PR Title: x.xx.x release Example PR
  2. Enter the change in the description of the pull request i.e.:

Added new svg for Icon Name

Generate an NPM token with Publish permissions

  1. If you do not already have an access token, sign in to npmjs.com and navigate to access tokens.
  2. Click generate new token.
  3. Select publish under type.
  4. Copy the npm token and set its value as the environment variable: NPM_TOKEN
export NPM_TOKEN={npm_token}

Publish the react qpp-style npm package (used by both react and angular)

cd qpp-style/react
npm i
npm publish
  1. Once published successfully, merge into main.