Quick web development server with live reloading and zero dependencies

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import qsrv from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/qsrv';



Quick web development server with live reloading and zero runtime dependencies.

Please note that the qsrv web server is intended for rapid and iterative development -- not for deployment! Deploy using your favorite static web server and good DevSecOps practices.

See SPMDA for specific use of qsrv with web components and rapid idea sketching on the web.

Quick start

> ls

> npx qsrv

Quick Dev Server

  root: .
  fallback: index.html

[QSRV change detected]
[QSRV change detected]


Use live reloading on non-fallback pages by referencing the livereload script

<!DOCTYPE html>
<script src='/livereload.js'></script>
  • /livereload -- Server Sent Event endpoint for live reload change notifications
  • /livereload.js -- qsrv page reload script; this code is injected dynamically into fallback html.
window.addEventListener('qsrv', evt => {
  console.log('qsrv', evt.detail)

window.addEventListener('qsrv-lsdir', evt => {
  console.log('qsrv-lsdir', evt.detail)

  // prevent page reloading default action

window.addEventListener('qsrv-watch', evt => {
  console.log('qsrv-watch', evt.detail)

Node API

See API example

import qsrv_sevrer from 'qsrv'

    root: '.',
    fallback: 'index.html',
    port: 0,
    listen_addr: '',
    reload: true || [/*paths to watch*/],
    lsdir: lsdir_examples(),

    credentials: { key: TLS_KEY, cert: TLS_CERT },
.then(qsrv => {
  console.log(`Quick Dev Server`)
  console.log( qsrv.banner() )

function lsdir_examples() {
  return [
    // simple path watch

    // or detailed
      // root: directory to watch for changes
      root: './other-docs',

      // file: output json file path to write to
      file: './list-other.json',

      // accept: filter function based on file name
      accept: fname => fname.endsWith('.md'),

      // on_refresh: change refresh; results are written as JSON to 'file'
      on_refresh(ls_entries) {
        console.log('Other Docs Update:', ls_entries)
        return ls_entries