An easy, non-locking, persistent better-sqlite3 wrapper designed to be easy to setup & utilize

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Documentation: quickdb.js.org
Support: discord.gg/plexidev
NPM: npmjs.com/package/quick.db

Quick.db is an open-source package meant to provide an easy way for beginners and people of all levels to access & store data in a low to medium volume environment. All data is stored persistently via better-sqlite3 and comes way various other quality-of-life features.

  • Persistent Storage - Data doesn't disappear through restarts
  • Works out of the box - No need to set up a database server, all the data is stored locally in the same project
  • Beginner Friendly - Originally created for use in tutorials, the documentation is straightforward and jargon-free
  • & more...


Code Sandbox Demo

const db = require('quick.db');

// Setting an object in the database:
db.set('userInfo', { difficulty: 'Easy' })
// -> { difficulty: 'Easy' }

// Pushing an element to an array (that doesn't exist yet) in an object:
db.push('userInfo.items', 'Sword')
// -> { difficulty: 'Easy', items: ['Sword'] }

// Adding to a number (that doesn't exist yet) in an object:
db.add('userInfo.balance', 500)
// -> { difficulty: 'Easy', items: ['Sword'], balance: 500 }

// Repeating previous examples:
db.push('userInfo.items', 'Watch')
// -> { difficulty: 'Easy', items: ['Sword', 'Watch'], balance: 500 }
db.add('userInfo.balance', 500)
// -> { difficulty: 'Easy', items: ['Sword', 'Watch'], balance: 1000 }

// Fetching individual properties
db.get('userInfo.balance') // -> 1000
db.get('userInfo.items') // ['Sword', 'Watch']


If you're having troubles installing, please follow this troubleshooting guide.

Linux & Windows

  • npm i quick.db

Note: Windows users may need to do additional steps listed here.


  1. Install: XCode
  2. Run: npm i -g node-gyp in terminal
  3. Run: node-gyp --python /path/to/python2.7 (skip this step if you didn't install python 3.x)
  4. Run: npm i quick.db