RAM drive support for Meteor

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  import quickmeteor from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/quickmeteor';



Quickmeteor is a tool for better handling of Meteor projects placed in a RAM drive. Read about it:

Quickmeteor provides the command quickmeteor, which can be used to reset Meteor projects configured in the following way:

  1. A project resides in a RAM drive
  2. Its mongo database resides outside of the RAM drive and is symlinked by .meteor/local/db
# To reset the project use this command instead of 'meteor reset'
$ quickmeteor reset

Installing Quickmeteor

Quickmeteor can be installed via npm.

$ npm install -g quickmeteor


If your system requires root access to install global npm packages, make sure you use the -H flag:

$ sudo -H npm install -g quickmeteor

Supported systems

  • This software uses a Linux-specific command: readlink, so that it shouldn't work properly under a different OS.


quickmeteor reset

Works like meteor reset, but if the Meteor project has a symlink at .meteor/local/db, it deletes all the db files in the target directory and restores the symlink after meteor reset.