Boolean vector provider for JScrewIt

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  import quinquagintaDuo from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/quinquaginta-duo';


quinquaginta-duo ยท npm version

This package provides the implementation of boolean vectors (masks) used by JScrewIt to represent features. It is named after the word for the number fifty-two in Latin, which is the maximum number of boolean elements that masks can handle in this implementation.


A mask is an immutable, serializable, transparent data structure used to operate on multiple boolean values at once. Masks should only be accessed using the mask functions provided by quinquaginta-duo. An exception to this rule is that a mask can be safely compared to undefined or null, because any valid mask is different from undefined or null. Apart from that, do not make any assumptions about the internal representation of masks, their type or truthiness. For performance reasons, mask functions do not check that their arguments are valid masks. Passing anything other than a mask as an argument to a mask function results in undefined behavior.


The same JavaScript engines supported by the latest version of JScrewIt are supported by quinquaginta-duo. See here.