node native bindings to a C rabin fingerprinting algorithm

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  import rabin from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/rabin';



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Node native addon module (C/C++) for Rabin fingerprinting data streams.

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Note: This implementation is not currently used by DAT or maintained but it works and may come in handy in future.

Uses the implementation of Rabin fingerprinting from LBFS.

Rabin fingerprinting is useful for finding the chunks of a file that differ from a previous version. It's one implementation of a technique called "Content-defined chunking", meaning the chunk boundaries are determinstic to the content (as opposed to "fixed-sized chunking").

Theres a JavaScript API and an accompanying command-line tool.

JavaScript API

var createRabin = require('rabin')

createRabin can be used to create multiple fingerprinting streams

var rabin = createRabin()

rabin is a duplex stream. You write raw data in, and buffers chunked by rabin fingerprints will be written out.

JavaScript Example

// require and create an instance
var rabin = require('rabin')()

// pipe some data in
var rs = fs.createReadStream('somefile.dat')

// handle output chunks
rabin.on('data', function (chunk) {
  // chunks are created by taking your input data
  // and splitting on each rabin fingerprint found


$ npm install rabin -g
$ rabin myfile.txt --bits=14 --min=8192 --max=32768 # defaults
average 12500