transport agnostic notification system for node

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Ratbird is a transport agnostic notification system for Node. It provides tools for dispatching notifications to a given target based on configurable preferences.


Install using Node Package Manager:

npm install ratbird

Create a notifier and dispatch notifications (see Configuration and Preferences below):

var ratbird  = require('ratbird');
var notifier = ratbird.createNotifier(config);

  title: 'You\'ve Got Mail!',
  content: 'Here is some notification content with <em>HTML</em>',
  object: { some: 'data', goes: 'here' }
}, prefs);

You can also create a stream that will dispatch notifications as they are written to the stream.

var dispatcher = ratbird.createDispatchStream(config);

  title: 'You\'ve Got Mail!',
  content: 'Here is some notification content with <em>HTML</em>',
  object: { some: 'data', goes: 'here' },
  prefs: { /* ... */ }

Configuration and Preferences

There are two distinct configurable objects needed for Ratbird to operate. The config and the prefs.

The config object is needed to create a Notifier and contains the setup information needed for each dispatcher:

  sms: {
    accountSid: '',
    authToken: '', 
    senderTel: '+15555555555'
  email: {
    user: '',
    host: '',
    port: '',
    secure: true,
    from: ''
  http: {
    url: 'http://localhost'
  desktop: {  },
  dgram: {  }

The prefs object is needed to tell the dispatcher how to delvier a notification. This is supplied with every call to dispatch(). If you are using Mongoose, you can use mongoose-ratbird to add these preferences to your schemas.

  sms:     { disabled: Boolean, tel: Number },
  email:   { disabled: Boolean, address: String },
  desktop: { disabled: Boolean },
  http:    { disabled: Boolean, url: String },
  dgram:   { disabled: Boolean, host: String, port: Number }