Check status codes of web servers and sends notification e-mails

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  import reachableWatcher from '';


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Use case

This module checks reachability of webservers. You can map a list of urls to their expected http status codes and a list of email addresses to inform if one of the url does not return the expected status code. A check interval is also configurable.


  • Configurable interval to check for expected http status codes
  • Can be run on any linux machine (minimal dependencies)
  • Configure an email address to get notified if any resource doesn't work as expected or isn't even available.


Run this script to initialize the watcher.


or after installation:



Simply edit the constants region of the provided shell script.

Installation (under systemd)

Copy the script file "" to "/usr/bin/reachable-watcher" and the provided service file ("reachableWatcher.service") to "/etc/systemd/system/reachable-watcher.service" run:

systemctl enable reachable-watcher

to enable the checking logic. After running:

systemctl start reachable-watcher

you can see the worker running in your system logs.