An animated custom cursor component in React.

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React Animated Cursor

A React functional component that replaces the native cursor with a custom animated jawn. As this is a function component, hooks manage events, local state and RAF.

The custom cursor is comprised of

  • An inner dot (cursorInner)
  • An outer, outlining circle (cursorOuter), with slight opacity based on the dot/primary color
  • A slight trailing animation of the outer outline
  • An inversely scaling effect between the inner and outer cursor parts on click or link hover

Options exist for modifying the color and scaling of the cursor elements (see props/options below).

Live Demo

Install package from npm

npm i react-animated-cursor

Instal Project Dependencies

npm install


npm run build

Run Demo

npm run demo:start

Build Demo

npm run demo:build

Clean Demo

npm run clean:demo


The demo is bundled with Parcel.js and served up at http://localhost:1234/.


The core component file is housed in lib/


On build, lib populates dist with commonjs, es, umd versions of the component.

Example Usage

import React from "react";
import AnimatedCursor from "react-animated-cursor"

export default function App() {
  return (
    <div className="App">
      <AnimatedCursor />

Example Usage - with options

import React from "react";
import AnimatedCursor from "react-animated-cursor"

export default function App() {
  return (
    <div className="App">
      color='193, 11, 111'

If not using via npm install, then import from directory

Example Usage - from lib

import React from "react";
import AnimatedCursor from "./AnimatedCursor";

With SSR (Server Side Rendering)

With Next.js, you can leverage a Dynamic Imports to set ssr:false for AnimatedCursor. Honestly though, you might not have to do that anymore since v2.1.5

Next.js SSR Example

import dynamic from 'next/dynamic'

const AnimatedCursor = dynamic(() => import('react-animated-cursor'), {
  ssr: false

// <AnimatedCursor/>

Cursor Styling

Cursor styling is included within the component, using a simple dependency-free inline approach. Default properties use es6 default parameters, as defaultProps, is slated for deprecation.

Options / Props

Option Type Description Default
color string rgb value 220, 90, 90
outerAlpha number amount of alpha transparency for outer cursor dot 0.4
innerSize number Size (px) of inner cursor dot 8
outerSize number Size (px) of outer cursor outline 8
innerScale number amount dot scales on click or link hover 0.7
outerScale number amount outer dot scales on click or link hover 5
trailingSpeed number Outer dot's trailing speed 8

Mobile / Touch

helpers/isDevice.js uses UA sniffing to determine if on a common device so we can avoid rendering cursors


  • Either remove on mobile, or provide touch events.
  • Separate click and hover scalings to provide a different scaling when clicking on links
  • Fix transform blur in Safari
  • Solution for impacting state during route changes

Have fun ya'll.