Starterkit for React - frostney edition

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My personal (opiniated) template for React projects. This is very much geared towards what I need in my React project, so it may not fit your use case.

Btw: I really love red rectangles.

This is not universal/isomorphic.

This based on the Yeoman React Webpack generator, but uses Ryan Florence's guide for component structure with a focus on a flat structure and does not include any Flux-relevant stubs.


  • Webpack (with webpack-dev-server and several loaders)
  • React
  • React-Router
  • CSS Modules

Getting started

Prerequisite: Node.js needs to be installed.

  1. Clone this repository
  2. Navigate into this repository and do npm install.
  3. npm start starts the development server (with hot module reloading and those kind of things...)
  4. npm run build does a minified build of everything.


Deployment for Github Pages and Gitlab Pages is integrated.

  • Github Pages: Type npm deploy to deploy to Github Pages.
  • Gitlab Pages: Gitlab CI will automatically pick up the .gitlab-ci.yml file and deploy once it creates a successful build

Caveats with Gitlab Pages: For some reason, some node modules won't install with Gitlab CI, particularly husky and phantomjs-prebuilt.



Export name = Filename

Component structure
  • Folder name like
  • index.js as the entry point to the component which combines the component itself with the styles
  • MyComponent.js is the component itself and should export the React component
  • styles.less that contains the stylesheets for the component


Tests are using AVA + Enzyme, Coverage through NYC

Loader naming

babel instead of babel-loader


  • No req.keys for dynamically loading files. It's too Webpack-specific and relies on the fact that everything will be transformed into CommonJS modules. It won't work with Webpack 2's tree shaking and while manually taking care of the dependencies feels like a hassle, it's safer (and can be internally optimized by bundlers) in the long run.

Where I want to improve

  • Use react-proxy or something similar to enable code splitting for React component and/or screens