A React wrapper for Space10's Conversational Form

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A React wrapper for Conversational Form (

v2.X is not compatible with v1.X. You'll need to change your implementation. The key difference is the use of new components instead of the 'questions' prop.

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npm install react-conversation-form --save


yarn add react-conversation-form


For Example (Feedback Form):

 import { Conversation, Select, Question, Option } from 'react-conversation-form';
 // const { Conversation, Select, Question, Option } = require('react-conversation-form');
      onSubmit={() => {}}
          thankTheUser: ['identifier', 'feedbackType'],
          introText: 'Hi there. Lets leave some feedback! To edit any of your responses, just click on them.',
          submitText: 'Thanks for giving us your feedback!'
      <Select id="feedbackType" question="What type of feedback are you thinking of?">
          <Option value="issue">Issue</Option>
          <Option value="typo">Typo</Option>
          <Option value="praise">Praise</Option>
          <Option value="other">Other</Option>
      <Question id="email" validation={text => text.includes('@')}>
          {'What\'s your company email address, so we can identify you?'}
      <Question id="feedback" validation="^[a-zA-Z ]+quot;>
          What are you thinking?



  • onSubmit - function Callback function for the form contents when the user has finished (required)
  • chatOptions - object Extra options for the chat default: {}
    • robotResponseTime - number The time (ms) the robot takes before responding
    • robotChainResponseTime - number The time (ms) the robot takes between chained messages
    • showUserThinking - boolean Whether to show the user writing '...' while waiting for response
    • robotChainResponseTime - number The time (ms) the robot takes between chained messages
    • thankTheUser - array Array of question IDs that the bot should thank the user after answering
    • introText - string The opening message from the bot
    • submittedResponseText - string Closing response message from the bot





  • Expose icons and all configuration options through props (only subset currently supported)
  • Fix tests