'React port of foundation-apps'

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React Foundation Apps is a react port of Foundation Apps

Foundation Apps is a new framework for building web apps. It has awesome new features like flexbox based grid, motion-ui, and several core components for building web apps. But, javascript components of foundation-apps are built with angular.

Try React Foundation Apps, if you want to use react.

React Foundation Apps lets you avail the benefits of both React and Foundation Apps.

Checkout documentation


  npm install react-foundation-apps

Don't forget to install foundation-apps for css components

  bower install foundation-apps


Currently, built tools like browserify or webpack are required for using react-foundation-apps.

All the components are in react-foundation-apps/lib. You can import the required components like so

var Accordion = require('react-foundation-apps/lib/accordion');


var React = require('react');
var Accordion = require('react-foundation-apps/lib/accordion');

var SampleAccordion = React.createClass({
  render: function () {
    return (
        <Accordion.Item title='First item title'>
           First item content
        <Accordion.Item title='Second item title'>
          Second item content
        <Accordion.Item title='Third item title'>
          Third item content

module.exports = SampleAccordion;


If your company likes to sponsor this project, contact me.