A simple component for your react app to implement the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in a friendly-UI approach using toggles

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A React component to make it easy to implement the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) into your React App

Online Demo


You can check out this little demo to get the feel of it: Online demo

Get started

It's very easy to use the tool, follow the instructions

Add the package

Install the package using npm

npm i react-gdpr-consent 

Import the package into your react app

import GDPR from 'react-gdpr-consent'

Pass a configuration array as a prop config to the GDPR component

Example of the Configuraiton array:

const config = [
      { id: 'age', text: "I'm 18 years old or older", checked: true, locked: true },
      { id: 'terms', text: "I accept", checked: true, locked: true, link: "", linkText: "terms & conditions"},
      { id: 'privacy', text: "I accept", checked: true, locked: true, link: "", linkText: "Privacy & policy" },
      { id: 'newsletter', text: "I want to receive newsletters and updates by email", checked: false, locked: false }

Then pass it to the GDPR component:

<GDPR config={config} toggleHandler={toggleHandler} linkHanlder={linkHanlder}/>

Explanation of the different properties of the configuration array:

Name Type Description
id String Unique string that defines the element
text String The text that's showed before the toggle
checked Boolean If the toggle is checked initially (default: false)
locked Boolean If the toggle is disabled or not (default: false)
link string (OPTIONAL) If specified the text can be clicked as a link
linkText string (OPTIONAL) the text that will be clicked

Pass ToggleHanlder and linkHandler:

The two functions are mendatory to handle the toggle of the items and the link action handling


const linkHanlder = (link) => {, '_blank');
const toggleHandler = (id, value) => {
  console.log(id, value)
return (
    <GDPR config={config} toggleHandler={toggleHandler} linkHanlder={linkHanlder}/>
Name Type Description
toggleHandler function Function that is fired when an item is toggeled, it has 2 params (id, value)
linkHandler function Function that handles when the user clicks on a link it has 1 param (link)

Enjoy :)