A react-router High Order Component for more expressive routing

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HiRouter is a React High Order Component for the famous React Router for a even better routing experience.

npm install react-hirouter --save

HiRouter is capable to create convenience navigation functions. The idea is to keep the urls centralized (on your routers configuration) and using functions like goToOrder({orderId:1001}) instead of pushing the URLs manually to the routers history (usually like this router.push('/order/1001') )

HiRouter creates the navigation functions automagically, with arguments and names according to the route patterns, i.e.

bats/:hardly/hit/:balls/crazy turns into goToBatsHitCrazy({hardly:value1, balls:value2})


  • Centralized route definitions (better maintainability)
  • More expressive navigation (always nice)
  • Comfort (good for our lazy souls)



This is a typical routing tree for react-router. Once defined your routes, you simply pass the router as parameter to the HiRouter. Using Reacts context declaration enables you to access the created navigation functions.

const router = <Router history={history}>
    <Route path="/" component={App}>
        // IndexRoutes are considered also
        <IndexRoute component={App}/>
        <Route path="product/:id" component={ProductListContainer}/>
        // HiRouter also works recursively
        <Route path="client/" component={ClientContainer}>
            // in the next line we use an *alias* parameter for better naming
            <Route path=":clientId/order" component={ClientOrderListContainer} alias="ClientOrderList" />	        
            <Route path=":clientId/order/:orderId" component={ClientOrder} />	        
            <Route path=":clientId/order/:orderId/status" component={ClientOrderStatus} />	        
        // optional path variables are supported, too
        <Route path="pony/(:foo)" component="{PonyFooContainer}" />	    

// use the High Order Component (HOC) HiRouter
render( <HiRouter router={router} />, document.getElementById('root') )

Inside ProductListContainer you can access convenient routing/navigation functions

class ProductListContainer extends React.Component {
        // here we can conveniently navigate to the specific component
        // *without* knowing the underlying url.
        // mind, that the functions accept an object where its property 
        // names refers to variable names in the path pattern 
        // also available are
        context.nav.goToIndex() // default		
        context.nav.goToClientOrderList({clientId: 100}) // from alias for customized naming
        context.nav.goToClientOrder({clientId: 100, orderId:1001}) // of course, multiple args!
        context.nav.goToClientOrderStatus({clientId: 100, orderId:1001})		
        context.nav.goToPony() // optional variables #1		
        context.nav.goToPony({foo:'bam'}) // optional variables #2		
        return <ProductList onSelectedProduct={handleSelectedProduct.bind(this)} />

// IMPORTANT: declare the usage of hirouters navigation context.
ProductListContainer.contextTypes = {
  nav: React.PropTypes.object


HiRouter allows some tweaking.

Currently, options for function naming but also for routing internals are available. Available options are:

  • prefix : changes the first naming part of the navigation function
  • defaultPath : changes the second naming part of IndexRoute functions
  • routingImpl: a function used for routing (usually, you won't use this)

The default options are:

options : {
    prefix : "goTo",
    defaultPath : "Index",
    routingImpl: (url) => { this.props.history.push(url); }

Suppose, we configure our HiRouter like this

const router = 
  <Router history={history}>
    <Route path="/" component={App}>
        // IndexRoutes are considered also
        <IndexRoute component={App}/>
        <Route path="product/:id" component={ProductListContainer} alias="Schawarma"/>

const options = {
  prefix: "mazelTov",
  defaultPath: "TohuWaBohu"

render( <HiRouter router={router} options={options}/>, document.getElementById('root') );

then HiRouter creates the following navigation functions:

  • mazelTovTohuWaBohu()
  • mazelTovSchawarma({id:'bla'})

Routing Implementation Function

The default routing function can be exchanged by a customized routing function, for whatever reasons. Its current default implementation simply pushes the url to the react-routers history - So, no rocket-science here.

function defaultRoutingImpl(url){
    // 'this' is the react-router instance passed as HiRouters *router* property