A collection of shared React components that utilize the Hive styles and functionality

Usage no npm install needed!

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react-hive npm version

Versioning Strategy

This package's version will follow the major and minor versions of Hive ( For patch versions you'll want to use the latest version.


npm install react-hive --save



  1. Clone (or fork if you don't have access) the repo: git clone
  2. Navigate to the directory: cd react-hive
  3. Install dependencies: npm install
  4. Start the Docs app. You'll develop against the docs and use it to preview your changes: npm run docs
  5. Create a feature branch for your changes: git checkout -b your_name/description_of_feature
  6. Commit changes. Be sure to reference any issues it relates to: git commit -m "Fixes #1: description of fix
  7. Push your changes: git push origin your_name/description_of_feature
  8. Open up a Pull Request against the develop branch.
  9. Someone on the core team will review your Pull Request and request changes if needed.
  10. Once approved your changes will be merged into develop and queued up for the next release.
  11. As seen fit the core team will release new versions off the master branch.