React hook for accessing user selection

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<script type="module">
  import reactHookSelection from '';


react-hook-selection :clipboard:

A React hook for accessing user selection.


Using npm:

npm install --save react-hook-selection

Using yarn:

yarn add react-hook-selection


import React from 'react'
import useScreenOrientation from 'react-hook-selection'

const ComponentWithSelection = () => {
  const selection = useSelection()

  return (
      <p style={{userSelect: 'none'}}>
        Selection is: {JSON.stringify(selection)}
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If you interpolate user selection directly in JSX, in order to avoid the browser potentially going absolutely bananas, make sure that the element that renders the selection as its content has user selection disabled, just like in the usage example above.


Selection value is only accessible in plain text format. So even if the user has selected multiple elements with complex structure and rich formatting, this hook will only be able to provide you with the text content of the selected elements.


Contributions are welcome. File bug reports, create pull requests, feel free to reach out at