Generate html files from react components

Usage no npm install needed!

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React html render

You can use this to generate a html file with react component or output a html using react server side rendering.


  npm install react-html-render

Write config

  • default: render.config.js
  • example:
  var path = require('path');

  module.exports = { 
    entry: {
      "index": {
         path: path.join(__filename, './../base.pug'),
         options: {
           "context": {path: path.join(__filename, "./../../lib/component"), props: {id: "1"}}
    output: {
      filename: "[name].html",
      path: path.join(__filename, "./../")
  • Every object in entry will generate a html file.
  • Every object in entry:
    • path -> the path of pug file (If you do not know what is pug, you can see here). If you do not set a path, this object will just combine every object in options.
    • options -> the options of pug file. If you want to use react component, you need to write an object which have path, the path of react component. If you need to use props, you just need to add props in object.
  • output:
    • filename -> filename is the name for output file and [name] will be replaced with the key of every object in entry. defulat: [name].html
    • path -> the path for output files. default: the same path as render.config.js

Usage in command

  • Use other config:
  ./node_modules/.bin/renderHTML --config render.config.js

Usage in file

  var path = require('path');
  var process = require('process');
  var render = require('react-html-render');

  var output = render(path.join(process.cwd(), '..', './render.config.js'));
  • You just need to give a path of react.config.js to react-html-render function.