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Simple include image upload into your react project


  1. npm install react-image-input
  2. import 'react-image-input'


  • Image-input field
  • formsy-react input field
  • universal image select and preview component


@param {string} [savedImage] - url to image that is already saved

savedImage: PropTypes.string,

@param {function} [defaultImage] - React component that renders placeholder if savedImage is not provided

defaultImage: PropTypes.oneOfType([
  PropTypes.func, PropTypes.object,

@param {function} onFileSelect - will be called when image selection process is completed. Returns an array of Blobs

onFileSelect: PropTypes.func.isRequired,

@param {function} [onError] - callback called when user select wrong fileType

onError: PropTypes.func,

@param {bool} [isUploading] - state of uploading of the image be called when left button is pressed

isUploading: PropTypes.bool,

@param {function} onImageDelete - callback called when deleteImage button pressed

onImageDelete: PropTypes.func,

@param {object} [options] - options for the component

@param {array} [options.allowedFileTypes = ['image/jpeg', 'image/png', 'image/gif']] - allowed file types in form of 'image/jpeg'

@param {bool} [options.fullWidth = false] - format of the image to be displayed

@param {bool} [options.resize = true] - resize image before upload

@param {number} [options.maxHeight = 300] - max value for height of resized image in px

@param {number} [options.maxWidth = 400] - max value for width of resized image in px

@crop {bool} [options.crop = true] - crop image before upload

@param {number} [options.cropAspectRatio = 1] - cropAspectRatio

@param {bool} [options.immediateUpload = false] - upload image immediately

@param {bool} [multipleUpload = false] - able to select and upload multiple images at once is supported only if no crop applied

options: PropTypes.object,



Made with the help of juliancwirko/react-npm-boilerplate package