React modal component built with easy usage purpose and UI/UX behaviors.

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react-imodal 💬

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A modal component flexible and customizable with great smoothness transition.


This modal component will help you to create an application with great User Experience by applying the presentational component, also it is very easy to use in your projects.


Can install using both npm or yarn package manager:

$ npm install --save react-imodal
$ yarn add react-imodal

Simple Usage Example

See an example of component usage:

    class Component extends React.Component {
        constructor() {
            this.state = {
                open: false
        render() {
                    <button onClick={() => this.setState({open: true})}>open modal</button>
                        onClose={() => this.setState({open: false})}
                        title={'Title Name'}
                        content={'Content Text'}

Override CSS

The style can be override by aplying the correct selectors direct to, folowing the pattern written on the component's stylesheet below:

/* modal css override example given className of 'mymodal' */
.mymodal > .app-modal-overlay {
    background-color: rgba(255,0,0,.2);
} > .app-modal-overlay {
    opacity: 1;
} > .app-modal-overlay > .app-modal-body {
    transform: scale(1);  

.mymodal.leaving > .app-modal-overlay {
    opacity: 0;

.mymodal.leaving > .app-modal-overlay > .app-modal-body {
    transform: translateY(-40%);  

Draggable Modal

The draggable modal feature works only on desktop screens size and his feature is by default as true.

Props Available

Follow right below availables properties of component:

  • content - (Node) The content type can be either HTML, Numbers or Strings.
  • onClose - (Callback) Load a callback when close action is made with the modal.
  • onConfirm - (Callback) Triggers when users click on the confirm button.
  • onDecline - (Callback) Triggers when users click on the decline button.
  • title - (String) The type of the value of header's modal is a String.
  • className - (String) The classname given to the modal to be customized.
  • confirmText - (String) The confirm text must Receive String.
  • declineText - (String) The decline text must Receive String.
  • desktopDraggable - (Boolean) When set to true, the modal itself becomes draggable throught the viewport.
  • open - (Boolean) Set the existence of modal component, if it should appear or not.
  • alertMode - (Boolean) When set to true, the modal becomes an alert with only confirmText visible.


We need you:

  • [-] Unit Tests
  • Make the whole component modular


MIT. The license for commercial use or personal is forever free.