ReactJS masked input for latitude/longitud

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Latitude/Longitude masked input

A reactjs masked input for latitude/longitude coordinates.

Accepts degree or decimal coordinates.



npm install react-input-latlng --save


import Latlng from 'react-input-latlng';

<Latlng lat={} lng={this.state.lng} onChange={(lat, lng) => this.updatePoint(lat, lng)}/>


  • lat : number|string: initial latitude (decimal coordinates)
  • lng : number|string: initial longitude (decimal coordinates)
  • decimal : bool: uses decimal coordinates mask.
  • onChange : (lat: number, lng: number): A callback which will be called any time the mask's value changes.
  • geolocation : bool: true if user can use html5 geolocation api to get the device gps location
  • iconLocateClass : string: class name used when the geolocation icon is displayed
  • iconLocatingClass : string: class name used when the geolocation loading icon is displayed
  • style : object: style for the input container