Aggregates internationalization messages generated from the babel-plugin-react-intl

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Small webpack plugin designed to take the output from babel-plugin-react-intl and aggregate it into one file. An error will be thrown if there are messages in different components that use the same id.

It will output code that looks like:

  "some-translation-id" : {
    "defaultMessage" : "I am a message",
    "description"    : "I am a description that helps translators"


$ npm install react-intl-aggregate-webpack-plugin


In your webpack config file:

var ReactIntlAggregatePlugin = require('react-intl-aggregate-webpack-plugin');
var I18N_DIR                 = '../../i18n/';
var config = {
  plugins: [
    new ReactIntlAggregatePlugin({
      messagesPattern: I18N_DIR + 'messages/**/*.json',
      aggregateOutputDir: I18N_DIR + 'aggregate/',
      aggregateFilename: 'en-US'
module.exports = config;


  • aggregatePattern: The glob pattern used to retrieve the aggregate files for processing. Defaults to: ../../i18n/messages/**/*.json.

  • aggregateOutputDir: The target location where the plugin will output a .json file of the same basename corresponding to each aggregate file processed. Defaults to: ../../i18n/aggregate/.

  • aggregateFilename: The name of the file to be output that will get .json appended to it. Defaults to: en-US.